More and more people work from home these days, and it’s important for them to have a dedicated office space where they can work comfortably and focus on what they need to get done. Even those who go to an office building 40 hours a week need somewhere to pay their bills, do their taxes, and take care of paperwork. The home office can look different in each house, but proper lighting is the one thing that is a must for each space. At Wettstein’s in La Crosse, we can help you find the ideal fixtures for your home.

Task Lighting

When you’re in your home office or den, you’re most likely there to complete a task, whether it’s to work on a new project, keep writing your next book, or pay bills online. Task lighting is essential for this room, and desk lamps are often the go-to choice. A well-lit workspace should have enough light to help you avoid eye strain, but the fixtures shouldn’t produce too much of a glare so that you have to position your computer screen at an uncomfortable angle.

Combining Light

Your overhead fixture is there to provide general illumination, and you’ll want to combine that light with wall fixtures and other lamps around the room. You want the room to be flexible in terms of function, so if you’re reading in your favorite chair or you’re watching TV to check the latest news, you can adjust your lights as needed. Sconces and floor lamps can greatly improve your home office, and when combined with the overhead fixture, they make the room feel complete.

If you’re rearranging or redesigning your home office, and you need new light fixtures, come to Wettstein’s today. We would love nothing more than to show you what we have to offer and to help you discover the ideal options for your home.

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