Your bedroom is a place of comfort, a spot where you read each evening or watch your favorite show before turning out the light. It’s important for the lighting to be perfect in this space, and if it’s not, it can have detrimental effects on your health and happiness. At Wettstein’s in La Crosse, we would love to help you find the right fixtures for your bedroom!

Ceiling Lights

The ceiling light in your bedroom doesn’t have to be a standard flush-mount or semi-flush fixture. While these options are found in countless homes around the country, you can go with something a bit different, such as a mini chandelier or pendant lighting. You can also choose a ceiling fan with a light kit so that your room stays nice and cool during the summer months.

Wall Lights

Accent lighting is important in any bedroom, and sconces and other wall lights are often great options. You can focus the light up or down, and use the lights to accent a particular feature of the space, such as a textured wall or architectural design. Swing-arm lamps are also great for bedrooms, and can provide an alternative to bedside lamps.

Bedroom Lamps

Speaking of lamps, many homeowners enjoy having one on each bedside table so they can see while they read that last chapter before going to sleep. You may also want a floor lamp to place beside your favorite chair where you sit and relax at the end of a long day.

If you’re looking for new bedroom lighting, visit our showroom today. We can help you find the options listed above, as well as many others that are perfect for your home. If you have a TV in your bedroom, we can discuss bias lighting so that you can watch comfortably without straining your eyes.

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