When it comes to getting a good night of sleep, one of the most important factors is the condition of your bed. When you have a worn out mattress, sleep can be elusive and other problems can occur. If you are beginning to think that it is time for you to replace your mattress, read on to learn more about how you can know the time has come.

Remember, here at Wettstein’s, we are proud to be the local mattress store in La Crosse you can count on for high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. We will be happy to help you find the perfect bed for your needs. Whether you want a therapeutic mattress or a stunning king size mattress set, we can assist you in finding a comfortable night’s sleep.

You Are Suffering From Severe Back Pain

If you wake up every morning with an aching neck, a throbbing back, and overall body pain, your mattress could be the culprit. Severe back and body pain might be due to the lack of support from your old mattress.

As your mattress ages, it can lose the structure it once had. This leads to uncomfortable lumps, divots, and uneven spots. When your back and neck pain is always at its worst after you slumber, you should consider purchasing a new mattress right away.

Your Mattress Is Visibly Sagging

Take a look at your mattress. Does it lie flat in its frame? Is it visibly sagging in any areas? When your mattress begins to sag, it is far past its prime. A sagging mattress is bad for your back and unsightly. If your sagging mattress is also dirty and dingy from the passage of time, it might be time to consider a replacement.

Upgrade your bedroom’s appearance with a new king size mattress set. You might be surprised as to how much a buying a new bed will go towards improving your bedroom’s style.

You Sleep Better When Away From Home

When you go away on a trip, do you sleep better than you do at home? While vacations can be relaxing and lead to better sleep due to a lack of stress, if you find yourself envying the beds you encounter while you are away, it is probably a good indication that you need to say goodbye to your current bed.

Your mattress at home should be the most comfortable place for you to sleep. Make your own bedroom your oasis by upgrading to a new mattress.

Your Allergies Are Worse At Night

When you go to bed at night, do you find yourself sneezing and suffering from a bout of allergies? This could very well be due to the presence of your old mattress. While it is isn’t pleasant to think about, the reality is that your mattress retains dust, dander, dead skin cells, and more over time.

As your mattress becomes weighted down with all this grime, it can lead to an allergic outburst every time you go to bed. In this case, it is out with the old and in with the new.

You’ve Been Together For Too Long

Ask yourself, when was it exactly that you first purchased your mattress? If your bed is more than eight years old, then it is probably time to consider a replacement. While some premium quality mattresses can last for quite some time, any bed over a decade old is likely to be well past its prime.

Say goodbye and part ways with your old friend to prevent poor nights of sleep.

You Need More Room

Perhaps you bought your full-size mattress when you were a bachelor living alone but you are about to welcome your new wife into your home. Maybe you recently adopted a few furry pals and they love to snuggle in your bed all night long. Whatever the case, sometimes you need a new mattress because you have simply run out of enough space in the bed. This is the perfect time to upgrade to a king size mattress.

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