If you’re remodeling your house so that you can expand the master bedroom, then you probably already have a good idea of what you want the room to look like. You’ve envisioned a comfy chair in the corner, a large dresser against the wall, and in the middle of it all, a new king-size bed. You may have plans for a four-poster bed frame, or perhaps one with a large headboard, but whatever the case may be, it’s imperative to have the proper mattress. At Wettstein’s in La Crosse, we can help you find the perfect king-size mattress!

Where to Begin?

When shopping for a new mattress, you might not be sure where to begin. You know you want a king-size option, but you’re not sure which brand is best. You can start by doing some research online and reading reviews from some of the top mattress brands. Take some time to ask friends and family which mattress they use and whether or not they prefer one brand over another. Once you’ve done that, come to our store and we’ll show you a number of great options. We have king, California king, and split California king, so if you’re not sure which size you need, we can help you with that decision as well.

Fitting the Bed in Your New Space

If you’re remodeling your bedroom to make way for the new mattress, it’s important to know how the mattress will fit within the space. Will it be placed against a wall, or will it be put in the middle of the room? Do you have a basic bed frame, or are you planning to get a four-poster model? Knowing the dimensions of your mattress and your bed frame will inform you of what else can fit in your new bedroom. You might have an antique wardrobe that will look perfect in the space, but it may be too large when placed near the bed, and it could overwhelm the room, making the space feel smaller than it actually is.

Scaling the Room

Your new bedroom may have a lot more space than the old one, but you’ll still want to scale things appropriately. Just because you have the square footage, it doesn’t mean you have to fill every inch of the room with furniture and decor. The king-sized bed should be the focal point of the room, and you can scale everything off of that. The dresser, vanity table, and bedside tables should be large enough to function properly, but not so big that they detract from the comfort of the room. You’ll also want to take lighting into account when setting up the room, making sure that each area has the proper fixtures. You want to have enough space to move around the room easily, and you want to be able to see clearly, no matter where you are in the room.

If you’re shopping for a new king-size mattress, then let the experts at Wettstein’s help you find the perfect option. We have an outstanding selection of products, and we would love nothing more than to connect you with your ideal bed. Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping on a brand new mattress in your new bedroom, and you’ll be wondering how you ever slept on anything different.

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