The dining room doesn’t see as much use as it did twenty years ago, and unless you’re hosting family for the holidays or a special occasion, you may not use yours very often either. During the week, your dining room table might be a workspace for the kids as they work on assignments, and if you don’t have a home office, it may serve as a makeshift work area when you pay bills. However, if you want to reclaim your dining room and return it to its original purpose, Wettstein’s in La Crosse is here to help. As your local furniture store, we have everything you need!

Choosing a Table

The dining room table is the centerpiece of the room, and finding the right option will lay the groundwork for the rest of the space. Your lighting, decor, and other furniture will all have to interact with the table, and it can seem like a challenge to get it just right.

The first thing you’ll want to do is measure the room. If it’s longer than it is wide, you’ll most likely want to go with a long, rectangular table. You’ll want to be sure there’s plenty of clearance between the table and the walls, and leaving about three to four feet should suffice (since you don’t want people pushing back their chairs and running into the wall).

If you have a square-shaped room, you could choose a round table instead of a rectangular one. You’ll still want to measure the clearance between the table and the wall, as well as think about how many chairs you can fit around the table. If the one you choose has leaves you can add, make sure there’s plenty of space to extend the table to its full length. Also think about what type of base your table will have, as a pedestal base can provide more legroom for those sitting around the table.

What Type of Seating is Best?

Most dining room sets come with a table and chairs, and the chairs are sized appropriately for the table. However, if you find that the chairs are bit too unwieldy or don’t quite fit the space like you thought they would, it’s okay to go with smaller chairs. If you’re going to be hosting a large group, consider using a bench instead of chairs (just keep in mind that if a person sits down on one end without someone on the other, the bench may tip).

Curios, Hutches, and Shelves

If you’ve been holding on to your grandma’s fine china for years, you may want to display it proudly in your dining room. A curio cabinet or hutch with glass doors can be a great option, but again, you’ll want to be sure there’s enough space in the room. You don’t want to crowd your table and risk someone bumping into the cabinet and breaking an antique tea cup. A traditional buffet table can be a good choice, and it can provide a spot for small lamps that add ambient lighting to the room.

Dining Room Lighting

Last but not least, it’s important to consider your dining room lighting. Do you want a chandelier above the table, and if so, how big should it be and how low can it hang? You’ll want to be sure there’s enough clearance above the table so that people can see the person across from them, and that they don’t hit their heads when standing up. Along with chandeliers, wall sconces can be perfect in the dining room, and you can find low-profile options that don’t take up too much space.

At Wettstein’s in La Crosse, you can find everything you need for your new dining room. If you’re looking for a new table, new chairs, or new lighting, our staff will show you a number of options and help you narrow down your choices. Instead of relegating the space to being used only on the holidays or during special occasions, you’ll want to have dinner in the room every single week!

Stop by our showroom today to see our selection for yourself. We look forward to helping you create your new dining room!