When your home feels cluttered and constantly a mess, it can leave you stressed. Cleaning your home is much easier if you have the right dedicated storage space where everything belongs. If you are in need of extra storage space, we are here to help. As your local furniture store in La Crosse, we can pair you with the perfect storage pieces for any room in the house.

The good news is that in order to increase your storage space, you don’t need to rip out walls, install new cabinets, or invest in any major renovation. Instead, check out these four tips for improving your home’s storage space simply.

#1: Improving A Bedroom With A Small Closet

One room of the home that can quickly become a cluttered mess is the bedroom. Whether you have a one bedroom apartment where you have to jam all your belongings into a small space or you have a bigger home with lots of family members using up the space, bedrooms can turn into chaos without the right storage. In most cases, the clutter is due to a lack of closet space.

If your home has small bedroom closets or you are working with a small square footage overall, the best solution is to invest in a quality piece of bedroom storage furniture. You can either purchase a tall dresser with deep drawers, which will take up less space in the room, or you can invest in a long storage bench to rest at the foot of your bed. These items can help you clear up space in your closet and will keep the clutter from spilling forth into your bedroom.

#2: Creating Better Space In Your Kitchen

If you live in a home or apartment with a kitchen that is lacking in cabinet space, your countertops can quickly become strewn with excess kitchenware. The kitchen is a room that is particularly in need of extra storage as many items for this room are bulky and space eaters. From pots and pans to your pressure cooker, kitchenware can take over your home.

For improved storage in your kitchen, you will need to cater to the space you have. If you have the room, a floating island can be the perfect storage solution, while also allowing for increased counter space. If you are operating in a smaller place where a floating island won’t fit the area, choose a tall and slim hutch that can serve as extra cabinet space without the need for renovation.

#3: Making The Most Of Entryways

When you live in a small home, it can be difficult to find the place to add more storage centered furniture. However, if you have an entryway, hallway, or other less-utilized space, adding a storage bench can be an ideal solution.

Storage benches come in a huge array of styles, heights, and sizes. From a storage bench geared towards being used as a seating place to throw on your shoes to long table-like benches for hallways, there is a storage solution to fit any design choice.

#4: Open Up Your Living Room’s Potential

Most living rooms do not come equipped with much, if any, built-in storage. However, living rooms are also usually one of the largest rooms in the home. Make the most of your living room’s potential by adding storage focused furniture to this space. From implementing ottomans with storage space to increased bookshelves, you can free up space in other rooms by adding better storage to your living room.

A great solution for living rooms is to add entertainment centers and shelving that fits your needs. Instead of a traditional bookshelf, opt for one that also has drawers and other storage spaces. When choosing an entertainment center, think of which one will provide you with the most practical storage space.

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