During the summer months, life can be a hectic whirl of activity. With the kids out of school and busy days ahead, your home can soon become a cluttered mess. If you are tired of looking at piles of belongings littering your abode, check out these helpful decluttering tips and turn your home into an organized oasis.

Here at Wettstein’s, as your local furniture store in La Crosse, we are passionate about ensuring your home is a beautiful place you love to utilize for relaxation and entertainment. Read on to learn more about keeping your home a beautiful space.

Start With A Purge

If your home is perpetually cluttered, chances are good that it is due in part to owning too much stuff. While you might not be ready to go ultra minimalistic, you can cut down on some of your belongings through a house-wide purge.

Ask every family member to go through their own belongings and set a goal for weeding out items that are no longer needed. Give everyone a trash bag and create a prize for whoever donates the largest number of items.

When you are purging, ask yourself a few questions. Start by considering whether the item in question serves a purpose. Next, ask yourself if it doesn’t serve a purpose, does it bring you joy? For example, a piece of artwork might not be necessary but having it hanging on your wall does bring you pleasure. Finally, consider when was the last time you used this item or enjoyed it? Even the nicest of belongings is pointless to hang on to if it only takes up space in the back of your closet year round.

Purge everything from clothes to books to nicknacks lying around the home. You might be surprised at how much you actually own and at how good it feels to get rid of excess belongings in your home. Donate them to someone who may get use or joy out of them.

Determine Where Things Belong

After you have rid yourself of your excess stuff, take the time to decide where everything left belongs. Clutter usually builds up because items are stacked around the home without a real place to be put away. Make sure that everything has a specific location it belongs so that decluttering will only be a matter of putting things into their rightful place.

Keeping things organized is much easier if you have the right furniture to do so. If you are in need of better storage space, invest in some new quality pieces. For example, you can add dressers and drawers to a bedroom that is lacking in closet space or you can implement a beautiful kitchen hutch to your dining room for extra dish storage.

Here at Wettstein’s, we can help you find the perfect organizational furniture to keep your home free of clutter. Browse our extensive line of furniture and find the right piece for your needs.

Dedicate Time Once Daily

Once you have decluttered your home and found a place to organize every belonging, you may think your work is done. However, as we have all witnessed, a clean home will rapidly decay into a cluttered mess without intentional effort. Once your home is covered in clutter, it is more overwhelming to tackle the project yet again.

Instead of allowing things to get out of hand, dedicate 30 minutes every day to decluttering. During this time, every member of the family should focus on organizing their own room, as well as working together on shared spaces.

Even taking a short period of time daily to keep things organized will go a long way in keeping your home decluttered. Once you get into the habit of daily decluttering, you will find it much easier to continue to do so.

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