Whether you work out of your home, or you simply need a place where you can pay bills, work on taxes, or write your next book, it’s important to have a home office that’s both comfortable and functional. Proper lighting and furniture is key, and at Wettstein’s in La Crosse, we can help you find both! In this post, we’ll look at new furniture options for your home office, and how you can create the ideal workspace in your house.

Your New Desk

The home office often begins and ends with the desk. You need a piece of furniture that’s comfortable to work at, and that also provides the surface and storage you need to keep everything organized. Chances are you have a desktop or laptop computer that you work on daily, and it’s essential that you have easy access to a power source and all your computer peripherals, such as external hard drives and speakers.
Your desk should also be a piece that fits your personality. Do you love the clean, sleek look of glass and metal, or do you want the classic look of dark wood and traditional hardware? Above all, you want to have a desk where you can sit for hours without having to worry about feeling cramped.

Your New Office Chair

Next to the desk, your office chair is the most important piece of furniture in the room. If you work from home, you sit in the chair every single day, and it’s imperative to have one that provides the comfort and support you need. An adjustable chair can be a good choice, since you’ll want to set it at the right height for your desk when you’re typing or writing. You’ll also want one that matches the desk and other furniture in the room so that the design theme is consistent throughout the space.

Your New Office Couch

No home office is complete without a comfy couch where you can sit and relax after working for several hours. You might have a TV mounted on the wall where you can watch your favorite shows without having to share the remote, or you may have the TV on all day while the stock market numbers tick by on the screen. Having a couch can also make the room more inviting, and if you have house guests on a regular basis, a pull-out sofa in the office can turn the space into a perfect guest room.

Storage Options

While many things have become digitized over the past decade, there is still a need for storage in your home office. Documents and books need a place to go, and file cabinets and bookshelves are usually a must for any workspace. However, you can integrate these storage solutions into the space without them feeling bulky or awkward. By matching the bookshelves to your desk color or finish, you can seamlessly coordinate each piece. File cabinets don’t have to be those large metal options, and you can find plenty of great products in our store. We have bookcases, credenzas, curio cabinets, and many other pieces that would look great in your home office!

If you’re starting a new job that allows you to work from home on occasion, or you want a dedicated space where you can pay bills or work on your next novel, come to Wettstein’s in La Crosse today. As your local furniture store, we can help you find the best pieces for your new office, and create the ideal layout and design for your home. We carry desks, chairs, lighting, and everything you need to set up the space you’ve always wanted.

We look forward to seeing you soon!