When it comes to designing your child’s room, you want to create a space they will enjoy and grow into over the new few years. The right decor and furniture will go a long way in creating a comfortable and whimsical space, perfect for a child’s imagination to take root.

Beyond just simple decor and furniture, the lighting in your child’s room will play a role in the ambiance of the space and in how they can utilize the room. If you want to upgrade your child’s room with the right lighting, our lighting company in La Crosse is here to help. We can work with you to create the perfect space for your child. Check out these tips for using the right lights to create a whimsical room for your child.

Layer The Lighting

One of the first things you will want to do when designing lighting for your child’s room is to create a layer of lighting. Simply put, layered lighting allows for certain components of the lighting to be used at one time, rather than overhead lighting that is either all on or all off. Layered lighting allows your child to illuminate certain areas of the space at once, rather than being stuck with bright lights on throughout the entire room.

You can utilize a myriad of lighting types to achieve layered lighting. For example, you can add contemporary lamps throughout the room or task lighting to illuminate specific task related areas. Make sure that whatever styles you choose, it is easy for your child to toggle specific lights on and off. You can even utilize a dimmer on brighter lights to allow for a calmer ambiance. This can help out around bedtime as your child is winding down. Instead of brightly illuminating the whole room, you can calmly light the space, leading to a calmer child.

Create A Reading Nook

One of the best ways to utilize specific task lighting in your child’s room is to create a dedicated reading nook. You can set up a comfortable chair with a bookshelf and side table in a corner of the room. Decorate the space with their favorite book characters and turn this corner into a cozy place for reading adventures.

In this reading nook, add bright lighting that will properly illuminate the pages of their book. Utilize a tall floor lamp or a hanging set of track lights over the space to create an area of the room that makes reading cozy and easy, no matter what time of day it is.

Give An Illumination To Their Sleep Space

Whether your child shares a room and utilizes a bunk bed as their sleeping space or they have their own canopy bed, adding lights to their sleeping space can make it easier for them to navigate their room at night. You can add whimsical lamps to their bedside table or you can install rope lighting around their bed frame.

For a stand-alone bed, installing a small chandelier above the bed will cast calm lighting over their sleep space. By having lighting that is solely focused on their sleep area, you can highlight this section of the room without overpowering the space with bright lights.

Highlight Artwork

Another great way to add to the fun and childlike feel of the room is to utilize wall lights to highlight specific artwork. For example, if you stenciled a woodland scene onto your child’s wall, add small spotlights to the area to highlight the decor.

You can also utilize small sconces to flank the sides of prominent artwork in your child’s room. Lighting can be implemented so that it actually adds to the decor of the room, rather than just exists alongside it. Pick out some fun light fixtures and stage them throughout the space for an added decorative kick.

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