At Lighting Design by Wettstein’s in La Crosse, we’re proud to be a local lighting shop that can supply our customers with a variety of solutions. Whether you’re building a new house, renovating your office building, or upgrading your backyard, you can find the fixtures to help you complete your project. Our central location means we’re never too far away, and you can visit our showroom to find your new lights seven days a week!

An Expert Touch

Picking out new light fixtures can seem challenging, and if you’re building a home, it can be downright overwhelming. Our experts understand how to approach lighting design for a new home, and with our expert touch, you can know that you’re making the right decisions. We often recommend going room by room, picking out lamps, sconces, ceiling lights, and more for each space. You may want to come up with an overall theme before you begin choosing lights for each room, or you may want to start in a certain part of the house and see if a comprehensive theme develops. Regardless of your approach, you can rest assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Changing Your Mind

When designing your new lighting, chances are you’re going to change your mind about a certain fixture or room. You may love a lamp when you see it in the showroom, but when you get it home, you realize it doesn’t look and feel like you thought it would. Since we’re so close, you can come back and switch things out for a new option. There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind or altering your design to fit a new style or theme that you create.

Using Each Type of Light

There are three types of light that should be incorporated into any new design – ambient, accent, and task lighting. The first, ambient, refers to the general lighting in a room, and it’s often provided by a main ceiling fixture or fan with a light kit. It illuminates the majority of the space and provides enough light by which to see. The second, accent lighting, includes fixtures such as sconces or lamps that provide additional light and help you accent design and architectural features of a room. If you have track lighting for artwork on the walls, that would fall into the accent category.

The final type, task lighting, involves any fixture that helps with the function of a room. Recessed lighting over your kitchen sink helps you see when you wash dishes, and a floor lamp in the living room helps you see when you’re reading your favorite book. Task lighting can be found in every room of the house, and there are a number of options for each space.

If you’re looking for a lighting shop near your home in La Crosse, visit Lighting Design by Wettstein’s today. We’re always ready to help you find the perfect fixtures for your home or business, and can show you a number of options for your project.