There’s a fairly good chance that you have multiple ceiling fans in your home, and when the heat of summer sets in, you’re very glad that you have them. Fans can help keep your home cool and comfortable, but if they make a lot of noise or they’re starting to look a bit outdated, you might be thinking about replacing them. At Wettstein’s in La Crosse, we can help you find the perfect ceiling fan fixtures for every room that needs one!

Finding the Right Size

Depending on the room that needs a fan, you’ll have to determine what size of fixture you need. You’ll want the fan blades to be big enough to circulate air properly, and you can ascertain what blade size you need by measuring the room’s square footage. Once you know the length and width of the room, you can multiply them together to get the square footage. Once you have that number, you can come to our lighting showroom, and we’ll help you choose the right fan.

With the square footage in mind or in hand, you’ll need to decide on the blade span of your new fan. For example, if your living room is 200 square feet, you’ll want a fan with a blade span of 44 to 54 inches. The blade span is determined by measuring from the end of one blade to the end of the opposite blade (on a fan with an even number of blades). If you have an odd number of blades, such as three or five, you’ll measure the length of one blade from the middle of the fan to the tip of the blade, and then multiply that number by two. Obviously, the larger the room, the larger the blade span needs to be!

How High to Hang Your Fan

Once you know the fan you want and you’ve found the proper blade span, you’ll want to decide how high to hang the fixture. You don’t want it to be too low and pose a risk to those walking underneath it, and you don’t want it to be so high that the air circulation is compromised. By measuring the height of the room’s ceiling, you can determine how high the fan should be hung. For rooms with standard eight-foot ceilings, you’ll want to hang a hugger fan that allows for plenty of clearance underneath it (at least seven feet from blade to floor). For each foot of ceiling height above eight feet, you’ll want to add three inches to the downrod from which the fan hangs. For example, if you have a nine-foot ceiling, you would want to use at least a three-inch downrod to bring the fan away from the ceiling. You can also use a six-inch downrod, and our expert staff can help you choose the right option for your specific needs. For rooms with high ceilings, simply add six inches to downrod length for each foot of height. This means that a room with a 12-foot ceiling would need a 24-inch downrod.

No matter which room you’re hanging a new ceiling fan in, the staff at Wettstein’s can help you choose the best fixture that will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If your current fans are starting to creak, or you simply don’t like the look of them anymore, come to our store in La Crosse and we’ll show you a great selection of outstanding options. We have hugger fans, fan controls, and even outdoor fans for your backyard!

We look forward to seeing you very soon.