As both your local appliance repair shop in La Crosse and your appliance store, we have clients come visit us for both repair and replacement of their appliances. When it comes to your refrigerator, you may wonder, at which point is it better to replace my fridge rather than repair it?

No matter if you decide upon repairs or upon replacement, we trust you will choose the team at Wettstein’s to assist you. We can either provide you with quality repair work or help you pick out a new fridge from our extensive stock. Read on to learn more about how you can know whether to replace or repair your fridge.

Your Fridge Is Facing A Common Issue

One of the most common reasons someone contacts us about fridge repair or replacement is due to a common problem. The most common fridge problems include the following:

  • Water is leaking onto your floor
  • The fridge runs non-stop
  • Food is freezing in your fridge
  • Your freezer is cold but your fridge is warm

If your fridge is facing any one of these common issues, you can likely opt for repairs rather than replacing the whole fridge. Most of these common issues can be easily solved by a qualified repair technician. Our team will be happy to assist you in diagnosing the issue and determining whether repairs are appropriate.

While a lot of these common issues are easily solved, you might still want to consider replacement if your fridge is constantly facing repairs. Sometimes a fridge is simply past its prime and further repairs will only remedy the situation for a short time.

Your Family Has Outgrown Your Fridge

If your family has grown in size, you might start to realize that there is a problem with the size of your fridge and freezer. Perhaps you are constantly trying to stuff food into every crevice of your fridge, leading to less efficient cooling and frustration.

When it comes to the size of your fridge, repairs won’t get you anywhere. If you are frustrated by the size of your fridge, it is either time to replace it with a much bigger model or time to invest in a second fridge or freezer. Sometimes, purchasing a deep freeze is enough to free up more space in your current fridge. In other cases, opting for a fridge designed for a growing family is the best investment you can make.

You Are Concerned About Energy Efficiency

If it seems like your old fridge is eating up an increasing amount of your energy bill, it might be time to have it inspected. A fridge that is no longer operating efficiently can cost you a lot of money in electricity bills. Make sure that you pay attention to any spikes in your energy bill and listen to hear if your fridge is running nonstop. A refrigerator that never quits will be a drain on your electric bill.

Nonstop running is a common fridge issue and can often be repaired. This can lead to improved energy efficiency.

While you can repair a malfunctioning fridge, the reality is that older models will eat up much more energy than a new fridge. New models are designed to operate efficiently and create less impact on the environment. If you decide to opt for a new, more energy-efficient model, look for any product with the Energy Star label.

You Are Remodeling Your Kitchen

If you have decided that the time has come for a kitchen upgrade and you have a remodel planned, you will want to either ensure a malfunctioning fridge is in good working order or you will want to replace the old fridge with something new. In most cases, a kitchen remodel is the ideal time to replace your refrigerator with an upgraded model.

While you are remodeling, consider a fridge replacement. Since you are already revamping your kitchen, you can configure your new space to allow for a bigger, nicer fridge. Use this time to browse the latest models and implement a fridge replacement into your overall remodeling plan.

Repairs Or Replacement: We Are The Appliance Shop For You

Whether you decide to repair what you have or you opt to purchase something new, our team is here to help. Stop by our appliance repair shop in La Crosse today to learn more about how we can help.