The invention of the freezer changed food storage forever, and as manufacturers began adding them to residential refrigerators, families began to discover the convenience of keeping food frozen for longer periods of time. Sure, the first freezers and ice boxes required large ice cubes to keep them cold, but as refrigerants like freon become more accessible and more affordable, modern freezers allowed families to keep food frozen for months, or even years. It also gave rise to the frozen food movement, and now you can find an amazing variety of pizzas, vegetables, and TV dinners in your grocery store’s freezer aisle.

At Wettstein’s in La Crosse, we can provide professional appliance repair when your freezer isn’t working properly, or we can help you find a new option for your kitchen. If you’re looking for a new deep freeze for your home, we can help you find that as well!

Stocking Up for the Winter

If you plant and grow a garden each spring and summer, then you look forward to the harvest in the fall. You may have vegetables of all kinds, including squash, corn, and cucumbers. While you’re excited to eat all this homegrown produce, you may not be able to get through it all before it goes bad. If you grew a healthy crop of tomatoes and you have lots left over after giving some to everyone you know, putting the rest in the freezer can make the most sense. You may chop or puree your fruits and vegetables and then put them in freezer bags, and stacking them in your deep freeze will keep them protected until you’re ready to use them.

Perfect for Hunters

For those who enjoy hunting to bring home venison or fowl, having a deep freeze can make perfect sense. After you’ve dressed your deer, you likely send it to a meat locker to be processed. It comes back to you in steaks, roasts, and jerky, and putting everything in the freezer will keep it fresh until you’re ready to grill it in the spring. Large portions of meat won’t always fit in your refrigerator’s freezer, and investing in a deep freeze can allow you to keep your hunting bounty for much longer.

Where to Put Your Deep Freeze

Whether you’re a gardener or a hunter, or you simply buy your meat and vegetables in bulk from the local butcher and farmer’s market, your deep freeze can fill up fast. When it comes to placing your new freezer, you’ll want to be sure it’s in a place that’s easily accessible. It will, of course, need its own outlet, and you’ll want to be sure that the lid can be opened without obstruction. A back porch or basement can be a good spot for the freezer, and you’ll want to be sure it’s easy to drain and defrost it at least once a year.

If you have a freezer that doesn’t seem to be working correctly, or you’re looking for a new appliance to replace your old one, Wettstein’s is here to help. When it comes to keeping food frozen, you need a freezer that’s going to work effectively without using too much power. If your current appliance is making a lot of noise, or you’ve noticed that it’s having a hard time staying at the proper temperature, our appliance repair experts can help. If you’re ready to buy a new freezer, our showroom staff can provide you with the guidance you need to make the right choice.

Freezers have come a long way over the years, and if you’re looking for new options, or you simply need repair, contact us today. We’re always ready to help however we can!